White floating kitchen cabinets and countertop with yellow walls and black stools

What are Floating Kitchen Cabinets? Complete guide to Floating Cabinets!

Now the trend of floating kitchen cabinets increases every day? You may notice that the old kitchen had shelves and did not introduce the cabinets. The direction of installing floating cabinets is new.

Everyone wants to know what floating kitchen cabinets are and how they provide more benefits than traditional choices. 

Therefore here we came with the complete guide about floating cabinets. 

Floating Kitchen Cabinets

The floating kitchen cabinets are more stylish and break from monotony to regular ones. Traditionally the cabins are below the shelves. 

The floating cabinets hang on the wall with structural security. It gives an aesthetic look to the kitchen according to the color combination of the kitchen interior. When you install the floating cabinets, it provides a more spacious look to the floor.

Moreover, it gives a three-dimensional look to your kitchen along with more space. You can secure a wide variety of items in floating cabinets instead of keeping them on the shelves.

The floating cabinets give a modern way to install various themes and stay consistent.

Why you need to install the Floating Kitchen Cabinets?

There are many reasons to install floating cabinets. Here we will share some of them that also help us understand it. 

Lots of Storage

The floating kitchen cabinet offers a lot of additional storage space. It gives a new and trendy look to the kitchen and provides a tremendous amount of space.

In addition, you can install different types of floating cabinets, including racks for holding glasses or plates, separate box cabins, and many more.

You can store the special crockery in floating cabinets with additional protection. However, floating cabinets are the perfect option if you need storage in your kitchen.

You can also use the floating cabinet doors for decoration purposes. It comes with plenty of choices in color, size, and doors.

Get a put-together look

It is another excellent reason to install floating kitchen cabinets. You can get a cohesive look according to your choice.

If you feel that your kitchen is messy, install the floating cabinets with more solid doors. It gives a way to break the traditional look as you can choose the clear glass doors instead of the wood and its similar shades.

Moreover, the cabinet with the increased height, double doors, extend more towards the ceiling, stacked with the modeling details, and some more are incredible choices to give a solid look.

All these choices depend on your kitchen interior. Besides these, it is a way to get a close look at more storage and interior options in your kitchen.

white floating kitchen cabinets with steel stools in front of the brown countertop

Hide the clutter

The floating kitchen cabinets are a key to hide the clutter. We all have a lot of things in the kitchen that make an incredible mess if not stored properly. Some of these things are essential, and others are just clutter. But still, we want to secure them for later use. 

So the kitchen floating cabinets give the best solution to get a clean look. When you have the cabinets in your kitchen, you can store and maintain every item in its place. 

Take a moment and think of all the disorganized dishes coffee cups on your kitchen shelf. It is a scary sight, but I also didn’t find time to sort them.

Thus, the kitchen floating cabinets hide all these clutters unless you have the time to organize them. 


Do you ever compare the cost of floating cabinets and installing the new shelves or countertop? The price of installing a new countertop depending upon the material is way more than the floating cabinets. The average cost for the kitchen floating cabinets depends on their sizes and material.

However, the average price is around $6000 for installing the new floating cabinets. Whereas you need to have considerable space for the new shelves for countertops, it is also a bit pricey. 

The kitchen floating cabinets are also expensive, but they give your money the perfect worth. You don’t need to get the additional accessories for maintaining the storage requirement in the kitchen.

Easy to maintain

It is easy to maintain the kitchen with floating cabinets. Once you install it and set all the necessary items, it needs cleaning after months. You can sort them according to your time feasibility.

Moreover, it also requires less time to maintain as you can do it one by one. The best way to keep them clean is by using mild soap and warm water once every six months. 

white floating kitchen cabinet with black handles

Pros of floating kitchen cabinets

Here are some essential benefits or pros to having floating kitchen cabinets in your kitchen. 

  • Perfect for enhancing the look of your kitchen interior
  • Creates the ideal focal points when you enter the space
  • Quickly change the decor according to season demands
  • Complement the backsplash and help to stand out nicely
  • Provide incredible storage space
  • Help to organize the kitchen in better ways
  • Create the perfect look according to trend
  • Make the kitchen more aesthetic

Cons of floating kitchen cabinets

Every great thing also has some drawbacks. Similarly, floating kitchen cabinets have some cons that you should know. 

  • Require the professional labor to install it
  • Needs the significant wall space
  • Depend on the metal frame or other security support. 
grey floating kitchen cabinets with green neon light below

Final words

There are many reasons to install floating kitchen cabinets. You also understand floating kitchen cabinets through this guide if you are new to it.

The floating cabinets hang with the kitchen wall and give additional space to store and maintain the essential items.

You can double your kitchen space by utilizing the walls and organizing your kitchen in better ways. The kitchen is the central part of every place like house and office so it should be in proper condition. 

We hope this guide helps you answer your doubts in the best ways.