Small Urban Oasis Living Room

Small Urban Oasis Living Room: 9 Tips to Follow

There are several ways to create a small urban oasis living room in your own home. These include open-plan living rooms, exposed-brick walls, structural elements, and industrial vibes.

If you are keen on this urban style living room and want to maximize your living room space, our simple tips will get you there. Regardless of where you live, our guide to creating an effortless downtown vibe will help you style your space to urban perfection.

1- Include Open Plan Spaces

The open concept is synonymous with the chic interior design style. Because many places might be notorious for their small spaces, this simple design trick gives the room the appearance of being larger, even if it is not. Therefore, you can comfortably design your small urban oasis living room.

Consider your furniture placement carefully to ensure it stays that way. Even if your home is not open plan, you can achieve the same effect by considering furniture placement.

Once you have decided on your pieces, move them around, truly work the space, and play with it, leaving enough “white space” for breathing room.

2- Take Inspiration from the Insanely Cool Loft above

If you are serious about creating a lofty atmosphere in your home, you may need to knock down a few walls. This type of aesthetic requires an open-concept layout.

Though lofts are beautiful, they are not always in the most desirable locations. As a result, they may have limited square footage and command a high price.

Overall, their design compensates for the lack of floor space. To make the space feel larger, use high ceilings, large windows, and an open floor plan.

3- Exposed Brick Walls

Because many lofts are frequently converted into warehouses or old industrial buildings, there is a greater chance that there will be a few exposed-brick walls throughout the space.

If you live in an older home, try exposing any existing brick walls that are currently hidden behind drywall. Similarly, you could try removing the plaster from your wall to expose the brick. On the other hand, you can discover one by tearing down an old wall.

However, there are numerous items available to create an authentic-looking faux brick feature wall!

There is a lot of cool exposed brick wallpaper out there. As well as equally cool concrete versions for that raw, industrial vibe. You can also use concrete wallpaper to achieve the desired effect.

4- Small Urban Oasis Living Room: Contrast Your Home Furnishings

Lofts are notorious for accommodating furniture from various eras, styles, and conditions without clashing. In your living room, try to bring a brand-new couch and a vintage armchair to achieve a loft-style look.

If you have always wanted to put a floating cube or lounge chair and ottoman from the 1970s next to a French-inspired occasional or sectional sofa, now is the exact time!

The perfectly mismatched furniture, especially the chairs, is something that always stands out in an authentic city loft.

5- Build a Gallery Wall to have a Small Urban Oasis Living Room

Every loft needs a gallery wall to fill the space because there is so much open space and such high ceilings.

Do not be concerned if your interior lacks these features. A well-curated wall of art can work in any room, regardless of style, size, or height.

This admired design feature wall is simply a creative collection of artworks that vary in height, position, and style and are arranged in whatever artistic format you see fit.

Nothing says loft more than a floor-to-ceiling wall of eclectic art and frames or a beautifully organized library of books that spans the entire wall.

Including this trendy feature will undoubtedly complete the lofty feel of your space.

6- Use Spare Furniture to Get a Small Urban Oasis Living Room

Do not overcrowd the space with furniture. Loft spaces are typically furnished with an interesting mix of high and low furniture.

Arrange your furniture in such a way that there is plenty of “white space” and the room feels open and airy.

Choose a Scandinavian-inspired, minimalistic look. Furthermore, add just a few accessories for a stress-free environment.

For the ultimate trendy look, mix fabulous finds from your local flea markets such as a vintage lamp or thrift coffee table with higher-end designer items.

When mixing old and new in décor the real magic happens!

7- Rugs and other Accessories Are Important in Any Small Urban Oasis Living Room

Another tip to get a small urban living room is adding accessories. Rugs and other accessories are essential to get the urban small living room you are looking for. For rugs, they provide you with a welcoming and warm atmosphere to help you relax. Moreover, it is vitally important to include some industrial pieces as they are responsible for giving you an urban feel. For instance, you may want to include coil lighting fixtures.

8- Maintain A Funky and Eclectic Décor

The intentional clashing of pieces from various eras, styles, and vintages is a hallmark of trendy loft spaces.

Try mixing and matching chairs, incorporating pieces and trends, and adding bright pops of art and color. Using items from various eras and locations results in a truly eclectic, industrial loft aesthetic.

9- Small Urban Oasis Living Room: Do Not Cover Your Windows

Finally, large bare windows that let in plenty of natural light are an important part of creating an open and airy loft-like space. If you are not looking to make any significant changes to your windows, just make sure to keep them as exposed and bare as possible to get as much natural light into the space as possible.


Last Words

Now after recognizing the nine tips we have included above, it is your turn to start your decoration process and get your decoration process. If money is by any chance an issue, you can get an urban living room you want on a budget.

Good luck creating your most wanted space.