A full size kitchen with square brown wooden used countertops and off-white cabinets design.

How to Sell Used Kitchen Countertops and Cabinets?

Selling used kitchen countertops and cabinets may be a reasonably new idea. But let me tell you, if you are in for a renovation or change in your kitchen, this can significantly benefit you.

By having this deal, you can cash some extra money out of your used cabinets and countertops, and the buyer would get value for money if he buys used ones.

A small kitchen with white marble countertops and light brown wooden cabinets is being renovated.

With the era getting digitized every day, you can sell your kitchen countertops and cabinets with ease in your home.

Why do You Need to Sell Your Kitchen Countertops and Cabinets? 

Selling your used kitchen countertops and cabinets? It may seem not very comforting, but this is something you can do and may prove to be fruitful if done right.

Let’s address this question as this may arise so often. You have heard of the idea of selling kitchen appliances. Furniture and other things, but this?

Consider this scenario: You have had the same countertops and cabinets for the past two years and are fed up with the same color scheme.

An old kitchen with used wooden kitchen cabinets and a white countertop, a retro design.

Now you are in for a change. You are thinking of getting in with a renovation of your kitchen. Why waste the countertops and cabinets you already have? Put them up for sale and make some money out of it. 

Why Is It a Good Idea?

We need to address the elephant in the room. Why should you be selling your kitchen countertops and cabinets? In today’s time, everyone wants to get more for less money. 

We want the best product, but a good quality product comes at a higher price. The solution to this problem is in used products.

You can sell your used kitchen countertops and cabinets, and people will be interested because they will be getting a kitchen the quality and craftsmanship keeping it within their budget. 

Not everyone has the same circumstances. But people do deserve to enjoy the best quality of life. Used kitchen countertops and cabinets fit this purpose.

A medium-sized kitchen with used granite countertop space and wooden cabinets mounted on the wall.

You need to make sure why your used kitchen countertops and cabinets are worth their money rather than going to the market and buying new ones. 

That is precisely why we are here. We will help you sell used kitchen countertops and cabinets.

A Guide to Selling Your Countertops and Cabinets 

Now that you have decided that you want to sell your kitchen cabinets and countertops. But you do not know how to do so. Let us help you here. 

1- Repair and Refresh 

Firstly you need to understand that you are selling a used product. It would help if you made it look at its best. For that, you need to clean it like you never did. Make it shine.

A white shaded kitchen with used wooden design kitchen countertops and cabinets are being repaired.

2- Countertops

For cleaning, grab a microfiber towel and mild dishwashing soap. Damp your towel and add in the soap. Wipe off all the countertops. 

Keep a scraper with you if you need to scrape anything stuck on the countertop.

A person cleaning getting prepared to clean his used white countertop space with a kitchen cleaner.

3- Cabinets

You can make a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water for your kitchen cabinets. 

Spray it throughout your cabinets, and then wipe it off. 

A woman cleaning the kitchen countertops and cabinets with a spray cleaner.

4- Repair

Look for any damages. Deeply examine the knobs, countertops, or hinges. The selling person needs to see that what you’re selling is worth his money. 

Do not leave any cracks behind. Fill in any scratches and minor cracks with countertop laminate repair. There should be no apparent reason to reject your countertops.

Make your countertops and kitchen cabinets presentable to make the sale easier.

5- Realistic and Detailed Photography 

You need to convince the person who is your potential buyer that you are being genuine and that he can trust you.

Take photographs from different angles so that everything is visible. One picture is worth a thousand words. 

A black and white shaded kitchen with used black countertops and white cabinets mounted to the wall.

Keep in mind the lighting as it dramatically influences the details and quality of the image and how your product is being portrayed. 

You need to enhance the best features of your kitchen countertops and cabinets. Make sure the cabinets look spacious, as that is the priority.

6- Where to Sell?

You might be wondering where I can sell my products. Many online websites serve as a platform to sell anything you want. 

You can post on Facebook marketplace, Olx, or Craigslist. You need to put in the best photos of your kitchen cabinets and countertops.

A Facebook monogram and a cell phone focusing on privacy, a great marketplace for selling used kitchen countertops and cabinets.

A significant factor that will impact your sale is your product description. Give a detailed description of what your product is. What are things included in it? What are the dimensions? Material?

Let the description be catchy as it will help a lot in better understanding the advertisement. 

You can even ask your plumber, electrician, or people if your countertops and kitchen cabinets are on sale. They can spread the word for you. 

7- Know the Market for Selling Used Kitchen Countertops and Cabinets

Don’t just post the advertisement. You need to know a few things about the market. Set your audience and then set your price. 

Know the worth of your kitchen countertops and cabinets. If they are vintage or a piece of art, put them at a higher price, and your audience will be someone looking at art.

Set a lower price if your products are just simple tops and cabinets. A higher price for a simple product does not help attract any traffic.

Last Words

Selling used kitchen countertops and cabinets is not as hard as you think. By following the earlier discussed guide, you can quickly sell your countertops and cabinets at a fair price.

Moreover, used kitchen countertops and cabinets should be cleaned and repaired before putting them on the market. Thus, make sure to refresh them before selling.