A classic kitchen interior with granite countertops and wooden kitchen cabinets around the kitchen wall.

How to Replace Countertops in Small Kitchen

Countertops in your small kitchen may be an idea that you have not thought of before. In fact, a small kitchen is no limitation for not making your kitchen look like an embodiment of beauty and elegance.

Your kitchen can turn into the delicacy you have always dreamed of with the right choices. Replacing your countertops can help transform the outlook of your kitchen and make you fall in love with it. You can learn how to install kitchen countertops and save yourself the cost.

1- Why Do You Need to Replace Countertops in Your Small Kitchen?

Your kitchen countertop is your workstation. It goes through the most work and is most prone to getting damaged. Organizing kitchen cabinets and countertops can help you reduce that risk.

An examiner in a damaged kitchen examined the replacement of the kitchen countertops and cabinets.

In a small kitchen, one needs to be very careful with the material, color combination, and size ratio. Even if it is a little off, you might have to change the countertop.

There can be many reasons you might need to replace your countertops. Your countertop has been the same since you shifted, and you are done seeing the same countertop in your kitchen.

You might have just shifted, and the countertop already installed is contrary to your vibe and personal preference. You will have to replace the countertop. 

You are renovating your kitchen cabinets, and your kitchen countertop will have to change according to the size of the new cabinets.

2- When to Know It’s Time to Replace?

Your kitchen counter is the center of attention, and you cannot compromise its looks. You need to know when it is time to replace your kitchen countertop.

A marble kitchen countertop has cracks and scratches on it.

If your countertop has any significant cracks or scratches, I would say that it is time you start looking for a new countertop.

Your kitchen countertop may get stained and discolored with daily wear and tear. Strong acids or hot pans can be a reason not to think twice and change the countertops.

There are new products every other day in the market, and you might be someone who wants to keep their kitchen up to date. 

Your kitchen countertops can get outdated, and there can be better material. So you can decide that it’s time to upgrade the entire outlook of your kitchen. 

3- Choose The Material You Like to Replace Countertops in Your Small Kitchen

Countertops are available in quite a wide variety of materials. Let me be honest with you. It is the step you need to ponder upon. Because the choice greatly depends upon your aesthetic fondness and the budget you have allocated for your small kitchen.

The first thing you need to know is whether you want to have a permanent change or you would like to be changing after one or two years. Here are some kitchen countertop options you can choose from.

Laminate Countertops 

A modernistic kitchen interior with marble countertops and white wooden cabinets adds up to the theme.

These do not cost much and can be changed after a year or two. So, there won’t be an issue if you get full of the design after some time. 

The only issue you might face is that they may look cheap. Now, if you do not compromise on the look, I would say laminate countertops are not for you.

Stone Countertops

An excellent kitchen interior design with white marble kitchen countertops and dark wooden cabinets.

These are expensive countertops but worth their cost. You cannot change them so often as they are pretty hefty and need a lot of labor. 

Once installed, these countertops are the epitome of elegance and beauty. The available patterns can never fail to disappoint you. 

Before you decide, do your research, and know the pros and cons of every material. The colors and patterns available are what will accentuate the look of your small kitchen rather than make it dull. 

Cabinets and Floors

While you are deciding on the material of your countertop and before getting overboard with any one material, I need to emphasize another aspect.

If you are renovating your whole kitchen, you have an open choice. But your cabinets are already there then. You have to be mindful of the type and size of your cabinets.

Get an expert’s advice on whether your cabinets and floor can take the weight of your stone countertops or whether you need to stay limited with the choices that come in laminate countertops.

Often people fail to keep this in mind and then buy the material for the countertop. They end up damaging the cabinets adding up the costs. And who wants that, right?

Installation Methods 

The next thing you need to give your attention to is the installation method. Here it would help if you considered your budgets. 

To what extent are you ready to spend on your kitchen countertops, and how technical you are? 

The installation of the laminate countertop in a small kitchen, to be honest, is a DIY job. You can get all the materials and do it without any labor costs. 

On the other hand, Stone countertops or stainless steel countertops need severe technical help. 

Three workers are replacing the old kitchen countertops to install new ones.

Firstly they are heavy to deal with just by yourself. Secondly, you need an expert to ensure the proper installation of the countertops. 

Take measurements to Replace Countertops in Your Small Kitchen

Whether you decide to install it yourself or get an expert on it, you need measurements to ensure a neat and proper installation. 

It is even more essential to make the best use of the space available in a small kitchen. Take exact measures to avoid getting bothered with the fitting at the end. 

  1. Make a sketch out. Mark your sink and whether it’s under the counter or drop-in. Also, mark the location of your stove or hob. 
  2. Start taking measurements. Measure the length and the width, leaving space for your sink, stove, and any other appliance against the countertop.
  3. Calculate the square foot of material needed for your countertops. 

3- Backsplash with Countertop

Not necessarily, but you might need to make some changes while replacing your countertops.

Backsplash: If you are replacing your countertop, there are 90% chances that you have to change your backsplash with it because they need to be in harmony or at least complement each other. 

Final Words

Replacing your kitchen countertops in a small kitchen is a job. It would be best to be very careful with your choices to make your kitchen work at maximum potential. 

An appealing countertop is a game-changer for any kitchen, especially if you face the prevalent issue of having a small kitchen.