How to Paint Kitchen Countertops to Look Like Marble? Make it Count

Do you want to bring a new look to your kitchen? Painting kitchen countertops to look like marble is one of the exciting ideas. Many of us believe that we shouldn’t paint the countertops due to their materials like laminated sheets and wood, but you can paint your kitchen countertops to look like marble by following the right steps.

Here we will share the essential step-by-step guide along with the vital things that help you paint your kitchen countertops. 

Why do You Need to Paint Your Kitchen Countertops?

Painting the kitchen countertop is a vital idea to give a quick alteration. We spend so much money making a house look perfect. The kitchen countertops are also an expensive investment that we made once.

But it is humanly possible to get bored of interior and paints after some time. We need changes in our lives, whether house furniture or kitchen countertops.

Therefore, it is vital to paint the kitchen countertop quickly, cost-efficiently, and appealing to the eyes. When you decide to paint the kitchen countertop, it will take a maximum of two days. But changing a countertop is a long process that demands weeks.

Hence, spending your valuable time on a long and daunting task to get almost same results, doesn’t make much sense, right?

Marble kitchen countertop with cups and bowls on greem coster

So paint your kitchen countertop whenever you want to change the look and get a significant impact. It looks adorable when you make your countertops new with brilliant paint ideas.

Moreover, painting the kitchen countertop gives you a chance to show your creativity and enhance the looks according to your favorite color combinations and styles. 

What Are the Things Required To Paint Kitchen Countertops?

Painting the kitchen countertop demands some specific materials. Here we will share some required things that you must have while painting the kitchen countertops. Ensure that you collect all these things before starting the process.

  • Lacquer Thinner: It is used for painting the granite countertops. If you have laminate countertops, then you don’t need them.
  • Countertop Paint Kit: You can choose a suitable countertop paint kit according to your desired color and suitability. According to the research, the Giani Carrara white marble epoxy countertop paint kit is best for painting kitchen tops. It is the most durable paint that shows the perfect look. If you don’t want to purchase the Giani paint, you can choose the Sherwin-Williams brand, which also has the higher ratings. According to the survey, 49.5 percent of users prefer Sherwin-Williams paint for houses and kitchen countertops.
  • Brown Paper Flooring Protection: Ensure that you buy your brown paper flooring protection as it doesn’t come with the paint kit. It is one of the essential materials that help protect the floors from paint stains. You can spread it on the floor, and the color drops fall on it without damaging the expensive floor.
  • Polyacrylic Topcoat: It is essential for satin and suitable finish. However, topcoat is an optional step that you can skip according to your choice. If you use it at the end of the paint, it will give a perfect look.
  • Paper Towels: Lastly, you need an equally important material during the painting process is the paper towels.

Now choose all these materials along with the brushes or painting rollups for your ease.

Beautiful kitchen with a marble countertop to bring out the best and fabulous appearance.

Step-By-Step Guide to Paint Kitchen Countertops to Look Like Marble.

According to the studies, 36 percent of homeowners purchase paints every year for renovation purposes. So here, we will share the step-by-step guide to painting the kitchen countertops that will make your renovation quick and cost-effective.

Step 1: Clean Your Countertop Surface

Deep clean your countertop surface before applying the paint or thinner. You can also use our kitchen cleaning checklist to correctly remove the grease and dirt by using the scrubbing pad.

Ensure that there are no cracks or damaged spaces. Apply the filler if you find cracks or holes on the countertop surface.

Let it dry once you apply filler, and then use the primer. The primer will make the surface smooth and give better results.

Let the primer sit on the countertop surface for at least 7 to 8 hours, then move towards the paint.

Step 2: Apply Paint

Before applying the paint, ensure that the primer is dry. It helps your countertop look like granite.

Now take the sponge or brush to paint the countertop with relevant colors. Most of the paints come with pertinent sponges that you can use.

We prefer using the sponge as it helps the stains to blot well on the surface.

Step 3: Sanding

When you coat the countertop with a layer of paint, let it dry properly. It helps you get a gentle sanding appearance. Remember that the proper dryness of color is essential for effective results.

Step 4: Apply Topcoat

Now here is the final step to apply the last topcoat. Apply the coat after drying the first layer. It requires almost four hours to dry the topcoat and get the finished look. 

Best Tips for Painting Kitchen Countertops Like Marble

It is easy to paint the kitchen countertops and give them a marble look. However, here are some professional tips and tricks that you should follow for better results.

Marble looking countertop of a beautfiul white slate color kitchen
  • Never apply the paint directly on the countertop — first, perform a color test on the construction paper and check its color appearance. It helps you estimate the results, and at this point, you can change or mix the colors according to your choice.
  • Give the proper time for drying before applying the final coat — if you use the second coat on the wet paint, it will surge in each other and destroy your efforts.
  • Be patient — Once you are done painting, don’t hurry to put the accessories back on the countertop. Wait for a maximum of eight hours, and then set your kitchen countertop back.
  • Use paper flooring — ensure that you spread the brown paper on the floor below the countertop to protect its look. It helps you maintain the floor condition. Otherwise, removing the stains of paint from the bottom is a tricky task that affects its appearance. 


Paint your kitchen countertop with these easy-to-follow guides. Ensure that you choose the right color and topcoat for achieving the desired look. Once you paint your kitchen countertop, it will enhance your interior kitchen look. However, it is an ideal decision to paint the kitchen countertops by yourself and eliminate the cost of labor.

We hope this guide will help you paint your kitchen countertops and achieve your desired look.