How to Keep Your Kitchen Smelling Fresh? 19 Tips you Must Know

I have the idea of how bad it feels when you enter your home, and a bad smell strikes you right in your face. Without knowing where the smell is coming from, you take a tour of your house and stop right at your kitchen doorstep, realizing that the odor is coming from the kitchen. Of course, you want to have a fresh smelling kitchen.

Often different odors mix up in your kitchen, making it impossible to identify the sources. This is where things can get ugly, but I am here to help you out so your kitchen can always smell fresh.

A fresh smelling kitchen is not as hard as you think. Just clean your kitchen floor, utensils, and other accessories regularly, and I can assure you that you will never smell a bad odor lingering in your kitchen.

Still, if you cross paths with an awful kitchen odor, you can follow the tips we will discuss shortly. But first, let’s identify the causes of these uninvited kitchen smells.

What Causes Odor in Your Kitchen?

I won’t lie; it happens with everyone. Your kitchen seems perfectly fine and thoroughly cleaned. But from nowhere, a strange smell forces you to pinch your nose with both fingers.

Kitchen smell coming from unorganized  utensils

To be honest, there can be several causes for these uninvited odors that make you leave your kitchen. However, the most usual ones include:

  • The not-dumped garbage can.
  • Rotten food that is hidden somewhere.
  • Uncleaned kitchen appliances.
  • The drainage system is not properly maintained.

These factors are extremely common ones that we can easily forget due to our busy life routines, though, if you can get a hold on these four. You can minimize 50% chances of your house smelling bad. 

Things you need to Keep Your Kitchen Smelling Fresh

A fresh-smelling kitchen is one of the significant parts of the house that makes every house member feel good and healthy.

Last night, I came back from an energetic football match that, by the way, we lost. I went to the kitchen to eat something fresh to recover my energy levels. But a bad smell made me quit the idea and go to sleep. If you’ve been through that situation, you can imagine how much importance your kitchen’s aroma has in your daily routine and simultaneously your body’s health.

However,  you can avoid all the trouble by doing these essential things to keep your kitchen smelling sweet and pleasant.

  • The first and most common thing is to clean your kitchen regularly.
  • You can also use a scented candle to reduce the bad smells.
  • Sinks are the weak spot of the kitchens. Thus try to rinse them daily.
  • Your fridge plays a big role in your kitchen smelling unpleasant. Clean it from inside every month. We will discuss the fridge cleaning in detail shortly.
  • Never leave food open on your kitchen shelf or countertops. It will smell pretty awful in one to two days.
  • Always try to empty the bin when leaving your kitchen because it’s the thing that makes your kitchen smell like poop.
  • You may not believe this, but the clothes used for cleaning and your kitchen sponges, if left wet for a long haul, can start releasing bad smells too.

Tricks to Keep Your Kitchen Sink Smelling Good.

The main reason for adding this sink topic as a whole individual heading is its crucial role in a kitchen. Every utensil you use in your kitchen has to pass through the sink to get a proper cleaning tag.

Moreover, if your sink stinks, it will be harder for you to clean other utensils and accessories. Therefore, I have gathered some effective tricks that can help you make your sink smell nice and fresh. 

  • Lemon, ice, and salt are wondrous sink cleaners. If you have a garbage disposal, throw some ice in to clean the blades, then add some salt for scrubbing the sides, and at last throw in some lemon peels for a fresh and lemonish smell. Voila! To be honest, after this trick, I never smelt any odor near my sink.
  • Another vital trick consists of a bucket of hot water and a block of dish soap. Take the bucket of hot water and add in some dish soap. Then pour it down your sink’s drainage, and soon your sink will be clean and fresh.
  • The final method requires baking soda, boiling water, and vinegar. Take 1 cup of baking soda and 2 cups of vinegar and add them to the boiling water. It will bubble up, wait for 2 to 3 minutes, and then rush it down the sink.
fresh smelling kitchen sink. Simple and ergonomic design

19 Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Smelling Fresh

The wait is finally over; the 19 tips to keep your kitchen smelling fresh and pleasing are discussed below. Read them thoroughly to understand them properly because these expert-level tips can entirely change the way your kitchen smells.

1. Keep Proper Ventilations

After cooking a meal or having a party in your kitchen, you often find the lingering smells of cooking particles in your kitchen’s atmosphere. Proper ventilation ensures that those unwanted odors leave your kitchen as soon as you are done with the meal.

Additionally, there is no deodorizer better than the clean and fresh air itself. Thus, make sure that your kitchen has proper ventilation. It will help clear any lingering smells out.

2. Clean Your Hob’s Filters

If your kitchen has a hob or stove fan, they must have filters inside them for cleaning the air. Those filters can introduce unpleasant odors into your kitchen if not cleaned regularly. It is because of all the kitchen grease that gathers in them.

Furthermore, a dirty filter can cause your stove fan motor to work hard and burn out early.

3. Keep the Dust Bin Clean

Kitchen bins smell pretty awful. Therefore, they need to be cleaned regularly. Suppose you want your kitchen dustbin never to smell bad. Wipe it out every time you empty the rubbish and use bin powder to help deodorize the smell.

4. Don’t Forget To Clean Countertops

Since countertops are the most utilized space in the kitchen, they need to be washed or rinsed regularly. Otherwise, as we know, after a liquid spill such as milk or juice, if not cleansed, they will smell pretty bad.

5. Thoroughly Clean Kitchen Cabinets

Though kitchen cabinets are not as much used as countertops, they can still contribute to the bad odors in your kitchen. Often, there’s food splattered up under the cabinets that stays unnoticed and produces a bad smell of rotting.

6. Run the Exhaust Fans

Since most kitchens don’t have windows or space for ventilations, they can use kitchen or exhaust fans to extract any lingering smells out of the kitchen. Every kitchen fan is made for the same purpose. Thus, don’t forget to turn them on to clear out the environment.

exhaust fan that removes odor out of your kitchen

7. Make Sure the Fans are Clean

Oil particles are generated in every kitchen, so it’s not unfortunate that your fan has a layer of grease built upon it. To ensure that your kitchen fans are not adding up to the odor of your kitchen, clean them with a degreaser daily.

8. Scrub Your Kitchen Lights

Just like fans, your kitchen tube lights or bulbs can also be covered in grease if not properly scrubbed. Make sure to clean them routinely for a fresh-smelling and properly lit kitchen.

9. Store Your Food Properly

Rotten food smells can be awful, right? If your food is not properly stored in the proper place, it can instantly go bad and compromise your fresh kitchen atmosphere.

10. Clean Your Fridge’s Under

The fridge’s underneath is one of the most ignored places in the kitchen cleaning process. That’s the reason why you always get surprised on reaching down there. I don’t know why, but I keep finding cat food pieces under my fridge for some reason!

Therefore, make it a habit of cleaning under your fridge routinely. 

11. Clean Your Fridge’s Inside

Whenever you feel a stinky odor on opening your fridge door, and you can’t identify the source, there’s always bad food hidden inside your fridge. On cleaning your fridge’s inside, you’ll be surprised how things can get lost in there, and it can get stinky before you even know.

12. Rinse the Tea Towels

The tea towels or drying cloths of your kitchen are used for wiping wet utensils. If left unwashed, they can harbor germs and bacteria that produce unpleasant odors in the kitchen. Thus, it’s a good practice to have a clean towel at least once a day. 

13. Wash Your Kitchen Floor

The kitchen floor is the place that will get dirty whether you want it or not. Therefore, wash the floor with a scented detergent daily for a clean and fresh-smelling kitchen. Additionally, the smell of the detergent can impact the whole atmosphere of your kitchen.

14. Thoroughly Clean Under Appliances

While on the floor, let’s talk about the underneath of appliances such as your oven, sink, etc. These places greatly contribute to your kitchen odor because you don’t know what might be there. 

Moreover, food particles under these appliances also attract mice and other insects. Thus, they require thorough cleaning.

15. Bad Smells From Dishwasher

The dishwasher washes all your kitchen utensils, and that’s the reason it can cause offensive smells if not cleaned regularly. Check its filter and wipe it out properly after use.

16. Baking Soda is an Excellent Cleaner

Baking soda or bicarbonate of soda has excellent absorbing power. Place a pot of baking soda in your kitchen, and it will absorb all the unwanted odors. I use this personally, and it works perfectly fine.

17. White Vinegar is a Great Odor Absorbent

Just like baking soda, white vinegar is also an absorbent. Placing a glass of white vinegar on the kitchen side can help reduce any cooking odors generated.

18. Charcoal Filters are Also Good Absorbents

While on the topic of absorbents, charcoal is a natural deodorizer. You can put these filters inside the kitchen to absorb any lingering smells.

19. Buy a Diffuser

Buying a diffuser can help reduce the bad smell in your kitchen. A diffuser can help eliminate unwanted oils in your kitchen’s atmosphere and add any essential oils you want to the air.

clean and fresh smelling kitchen with different furnitures


To sum up, the kitchen smells bad pretty often if left uncleaned for some while. Thus, if you want your kitchen to smell fresh and pleasant, follow the tips mentioned earlier, and you’ll be ready to go.

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