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How To Keep Kitchen Bin Smelling Fresh? | 5 Simple Hacks to use daily

Your kitchen bins can spread diseases and harbor bacterial colonies in them. If not cleaned regularly, they can even attract pests and mice into the house. On top, they will emit hazardous greenhouse gases putting your health at risk, it sounds scary, right? If you want to know how to keep kitchen bin smelling fresh, you are exactly in the right place.

To avoid all this trouble and ensure the protection of your family from harmful diseases, you will have to take precautions and necessary steps to clean your kitchen bin regularly. Otherwise, a dirty bin can make your whole house stink.

Don’t worry today, I’ll reveal some of the effective ways to keep your kitchen bin smelling fresh all the time.

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Why Does Your Kitchen Bin Always Smell?

Let’s look at some vital reasons why your kitchen bin is smelling all the time. The most common ones include:

  • Not cleaning the dust bin regularly.
  • Not dumping the rubbish collected in the kitchen bin.
  • Gather moisturized food into the wheelie bin for longer periods.

Since kitchen bins are mostly used inside any home setting, they need to be rinsed properly. It not only helps reduce the stinky smell that comes out of your bin but also ensures the healthiness of your entire family.

What would be even worse? You have a stinky smell of your bin lingering in your house when guests arrive. Believe me! It’s the last thing that could go wrong at that moment.

How to Clean Your Kitchen Bin Daily?

A clean kitchen makes your whole house feel fresh and pleasant, and a kitchen bin is the most important element to a clean kitchen. And to do so, there are multiple ways to keep your kitchen bin fresh.

  • Put Trash in a Controlled manner: Please take out the trash from your kitchen bin and place it in your wheelie bin. Ensure that the crate is properly empty and nothing is stuck inside, like wrappers or food particles.
  • Wash your Indoor Kitchen bin: After that, use a shower or a pressure cleaner and wash your kitchen bin thoroughly with water. Then add some disinfectant to the bin and give it a rinse.
  • Scrub to Remove Liquid Residue: If there is any liquid residue attached to the bottom of the bin, fill it with the water and dish soap. Wait for a few minutes, and then scrub the inside of your bin with a brush.
  • Clean One last Time: After making sure that your bin is clean, once again rinse it with a pressure washer. Then wipe down the exterior of your kitchen bin and let the bin dry for an hour or two.

Cleaning your kitchen bin on a daily routine can significantly reduce the stinky smell that used to linger in your house now and then. In addition, you will never have to worry about the harmful diseases that can spread through a dirty kitchen bin.

5 Simple Hacks to Keep Your Kitchen Bin Smelling Fresh

If simple washing doesn’t strike a chord, you can also use some of these easy hacks to clean your bin in less time and even more good results.

1. Use Essential Oils or Scents

After washing and drying the bin, before putting it back in its place, you can toss a few drops of essential oils or scented fresheners to help tackle any future smells with a sweet fragrance.

Essential oils glass bottle that can keep a kitchen bin smelling fresh

2. Use Good-Quality Bin Bags

The bin bags you use plays a vital role in producing the awful smell that comes out of your kitchen bin. Furthermore, low-quality bin bags also split more easily when pulled out of the containers. 

3. Pedal Bins are More Hygienic

Pedal bins are ideal for creating a germ-free atmosphere, as you wouldn’t have to touch your kitchen bin every time to dispose of the waste material. Moreover, pedal bins also help reduce the kitchen odor because their lid is closed most of the time.

4. Empty the Trash Bin More Often

Don’t let the trash settle in your kitchen bins for long. Dump as often as necessary. The hack that works best for me is to empty the dustbin when a quarter of the space is left to fill. It helps you minimize the risk of overflowing and getting your floor dirty.

5. Consider Using a Bin Deodorant

You can find plenty of bin deodorants out in the market. Consider giving them a try. Also, you can use other odor eliminators to absorb the unwanted bad smell coming out of your kitchen bin. 

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Keeping your kitchen clean and tidy is what makes your whole house look phenomenal. Ultimately, a fresh-smelling kitchen bin is essential for an aromatic kitchen. We hope that this guide helps you keep your kitchen bin clean and hygienic.