Three oily kitchen exhaust fans running, one is mounted in the wall and two in the roof.

How To Clean Oily Kitchen Exhaust Fan

cleaning the kitchen exhaust fan is one of the essential tasks you need to tackle. It helps to keep the environment clean and smoke-free. Right? 

Everyone wants to keep the kitchen clean but neglects the hidden areas like the exhaust fans. Remember that the exhaust fan will only work correctly if you don’t maintain its cleanliness.

Many of us also think that cleaning the oily kitchen Exhaust fan requires professional services. But it is an easy step if you maintain the regular cleaning of your kitchen components. 

Organize kitchen cabinets and countertops, and don’t neglect the exhaust fan in everyday cleaning. It will help you keep the exhaust fans grease-free. 

A kitchen exhaust fan is made of stainless steel to reduce the greasy environment.

However, if you feel that the exhaust fan has a layer of grease or oil, then it is also easy to clean. You need to follow some quick steps and make your exhaust fan oil-free. 

Here we will share the best practice to clean the oily kitchen exhaust fan that helps you to keep your kitchen smelling fresh.

So let’s dive into it. 

Step-by-Step Guide for Cleaning the Oily Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Ensure that you know about your kitchen exhaust,fan-like, when it needs to be cleaned, and

how essential it is for your health. The exhaust fan will only work well when it is clean and grease-free.  

An oily kitchen exhaust fan is mounted to the roof to filter out the oil and grease in the kitchen atmosphere.

It may sound challenging to clean the oily kitchen exhaust, but it is straightforward. You need to follow each step patiently and see the results. 

1- Unplug the Exhaust Fan and Remove the Grease Filter

First, you need to ensure that the exhaust fan has no active electric connection. It will keep you protected from the electric surges while removing and cleaning the filters of the fan. 

The kitchen exhaust is set up in a wooden box and the person is clearing out the fan filters.

Wear safety gloves for the protection of your hands. Once the electric connection is switched off, then remove the grease filter.

The grease filter is rectangular in most exhaust fans with metal mesh underneath the fan. Remove all the hooks or tabs that keep the grease filter in its place and detach them by pulling gently. 

You can also use the butter knife for removing the grease filters from the sides, as greasy filters are difficult to remove. 

2- Place the Grease Filter in a Large Pan

Now place the grease filter in a large pan for cleaning. Handle it carefully as filters are sensitive to breakage. Moreover, ensure that the pan is deep enough that you can dip the filters from all sides. 

A dirty and oily kitchen exhaust filter has not been cleaned in months.

You can also use the plastic bins for dipping the grease filter in the cleaning solution. Remember that the grease filter has too much dust, dirt, and debris that make your pan dirty. So choose a spare pan that you are not using for cooking purposes. 

3- Prepare Cleaning Solution before Starting Cleaning Oily Kitchen Exhaust Fan

A sink and a bottle of cleaner being poured into the cleaning utensil to clean oily kitchen exhaust.

The next step is to make the cleaning solution for cleaning the grease filter or exhaust fan. For making an effective cleaning solution, you need the following ingredients.

  • Baking soda
  • Dish soap

Put these two things in a large pan with water and bring them to a boil. Baking soda and dish soap have the potential to dissolve oil or grease and remove it from the grease filter.

Moreover, these are also non-toxic solutions that will not cause any damage to human health. 

4- Clean the Filter Is an Essential Part of Cleaning tKitchen Exhaust Fan

When you have the cleaning solution, it’s time to clean the filter. Take the cleaning solution of around 1 cup and pour it on the grease filter in the pan. 

A worker is holding the air filter of an oily kitchen exhaust fan to clean it.

Keep adding the cleaning solution until the filter is completely dipped. Ensure to add the solution slowly by measuring one cup at a time. It helps to keep the filter clean effectively. 

Allow the filter to sit in the cleaning solution for around 15 to 30 minutes. The cleaning solution will dissolve the grease and grime in it as much as possible.

After 30 minutes, scrub the filter slowly using a soft sponge or brush. The oil comes off quickly as it becomes smooth in solution. 

Once you clean the grease filter, rinse it under clean water. Ensure to use lukewarm water to remove all the grease residues and clean the solution. 

5- Let it Dry 

Damp the grease filter with a clean towel after rinsing it properly. Ensure that the towel is clean and doesn’t have any dust. It will absorb the moisture and make it clean.

Let it air dry for some time before re-installing it. The clean and dry filter will cause fewer electric issues. 

6- Lean Exhaust Fan

When your filter is drying, you can clean the oily exhaust fan. For cleaning the exhaust fan, you need a clean cloth or sponge that removes the grease and oil stains.

An oily kitchen exhaust fan is mounted through the kitchen wall on the right side of the window.

You may find sprays in the market that contain aggressive chemicals for cleaning the exhaust fan. Remember that these sprays can cause electrical malfunctions to the exhaust fan’s inner components and affect human health.

Gently wipe the fan with a sponge to remove the grease, including the fan blades. A slight

the residue of oil on the fan can cause a quick buildup of grease in the future. 

Therefore ensure that the fan cleaning is appropriate and doesn’t have minor residues. 

7- Re-Insert the Filter

Once the grease filter and fan blades are clean, then it’s time to re-installing the filters. You can quickly re-insert the filter back by using it the same way as it comes out. Ensure to rehook the latches and secure them tightly. 

Once everything is in place. Replug the exhaust fan and start using it to clean your kitchen environment. 

Last Words

Now you have the complete steps for cleaning the oily kitchen exhaust fan. You can also call the professional if you are not satisfied with your exhaust fan cleaning. 

However, follow these steps as it is easy to clean the oily exhaust fan at home. The professionals are also following the same process for cleaning your oily exhaust fan.