How to Buy a Kitchen Faucet

Are you looking to have some subtle changes in your kitchen outlook? Or are you generally looking for a new kitchen faucet? 

It may seem to be a straightforward and unimportant kitchen appliance unlike kitchen cabinets, but any issue with this simple thing can make everything go upside down in your kitchen.

It has the simple function of dispensing water, doing dishes, and washing hands, but there are many little details you need to consider before you buy a kitchen faucet. 

You will be using your kitchen faucet more than anything else. Hence, durability should be taken into account. 

It will not be feasible to buy a new one every other day. It should be a one-time investment that should take your kitchen experience to the next level.

Material for Kitchen Faucet

As your kitchen faucet will be used a lot while you work, especially if you are a person who cooks all his meals at home and does the dishes. 

And if it has to go through such labor, it should not wear out so quickly. 

1. Brass  

To make your kitchen faucets last longer, they are mostly made out of brass. Now the question arises why brass? 

Brass is the most commonly used metal used in kitchen faucets to date.

The main reason behind this is their ability to resist corrosion and longevity. It may be a little pricey, but it will serve the purpose of a one-time investment. 

Another thing that makes brass top off all other materials is its germicidal properties, making it more appealing to someone who considers health a priority.

2. Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet

Another material that is often used in kitchen faucets. It is almost the same as brass, but the add-in of this material is that it is more resistant to humidity and dents due to high water pressure. 

It also has comparatively fewer chances of mixing lead with the water making it more suitable.

But the downside over here is that it is even more expensive than brass. 

So if you can afford to invest a hefty amount, stainless steel is an excellent choice.

3. Plastic

The least preferred material is plastic. As mentioned earlier, a kitchen faucet is not something you will be installing every day, so choose something that will last a while.

Finish for Your Kitchen Faucet

Now, this is something that is a personal preference. What kind of finish you want for your kitchen faucet depends on you. 

What will suit your kitchen, and what will go well with the finish of your sink? Here are a few finishes that can help you decide what fits you best.

1. Brass  Kitchen Faucet

A brass finish is ideal if you are up for giving your kitchen a little warmth and a traditional look. It will give your kitchen a modern look while keeping it simple and elegant.

2. Chrome 

Another exceptional finish you can choose is a chrome one. It will help to keep off any water stains and keep it shiny. But the issue that arises here is that it is plated and may wear off.

3. Gold 

This finish is always considered a luxury. While it looks pretty and lavish, it may cost you a lot.


After you have decided on the material and finish, you need to consider the mounting methods. If you are reconstructing your whole kitchen, you can view all the options in the market. 

But if your sink is already set up, you are bound to go with what is already set up. Generally, two ways are followed; wall mounted and deck mounting. 

1. Deck Mounted

Nowadays, this is the most preferred way of mounting your kitchen faucet. The main reason for this preference is that if there is any leakage in the water pipeline, you will not have to damage the whole wall. 

Moreover, within these, you can either fix your kitchen faucet onto the sink rim, or it can be set onto the counter, again depending upon the sink you already have.

2. Wall Mounted Kitchen Faucet

The other way to fix your kitchen faucet is to go with wall mounting. Now, as discussed earlier, the pipelines are set within the wall. 

And any damage to the pipelines may lead to an expensive repair. The advantage of wall mounting your kitchen faucet is that it does not take up space on the counter, giving you more room to work.

Kitchen Faucet Size

Another deciding factor is the size of the faucet. You need a higher faucet with a more significant arc to wash large pots. 

If you are running a professional kitchen or a small home-based business, you will need to wash many pots of different sizes, so do consider it when choosing the size of the kitchen faucet.

Moreover, how long the snout of the faucet is extending also matters. If it will be working well with a pull-out sprayer or not? 

You need to see how far you need your water to avoid splashing and your water pressure stays within the rim of your sink.

What’s Best for Your Kitchen?

The question stays there, what kitchen faucet is the best one? Many factors need to be brought to light before you make your decision. 

It would help if you considered your lifestyle and how often you need to work in the kitchen. Then it would be best if you had something that will keep working for a while and is not that high maintenance.

If you are someone who wants his kitchen to be more aesthetically pleasing, then your options may vary. So, it depends on you what your preferences and style are. 

However, one thing that cannot be compromised in a kitchen faucet is the quality because it is not something you will be installing daily.