A white shaded kitchen with used kitchen cabinets and countertops along the wall.

How Much Should I Pay for Used Kitchen Cabinets 

Paying for used kitchen cabinets may be better as We all know that purchasing new kitchen cabinets can cost you as much as a small kitchen remodel. Thus, it would be best to get used kitchen cabinets in good condition.

It helps you in your budget management, but you can also find a perfect deal of good-quality kitchen cabinets that lasts long at a fair price.

So, if you want to buy used kitchen cabinets for your house, read this article till the end because we’ve discussed some expert-level tips that can help you find the best deal.

Types of Used Kitchen Cabinets 

Kitchen cabinets can change the outlook of your kitchen. There are different types of kitchen cabinets out there. 

You can decide what to have in your kitchen depending on its availability and personal preference. 

1- Display Kitchen Cabinets

As the name suggests, display kitchen cabinets have glass fixed on the doors. They are aesthetically pleasing cabinets and look quite elegant. 

A large-sized kitchen with wooden used kitchen cabinets across the front wall and glass doors for display.

You can have one or two in your whole kitchen to make it appealing to the eye. But to keep your kitchen cabinets and countertops organized, these are not the best choice.

Display kitchen cabinets offer the same amount of space as storage cabinets. However, in my opinion, you cannot put all the things you need to put in as they look overcrowded quite easily. 

Finding a display cabinet with intact glass is no less than a workout. So keep in mind that you might have to buy one without glasses on the doors and then pay an additional amount to add new glass. 

2- Working Kitchen Cabinets

Working kitchen cabinets offer the right amount of usable storage. Since childhood, they are the traditional cabinets we all have seen in our homes.

A small-sized kitchen with wooden doors used kitchen cabinets mounted on the front wall.

The issue with these is that they can be so worn out that they are useless when they come to you. They have got stains and cracks and grease stuck up. 

You can find some good deals if you keep looking and keep an eye on places where you can find used kitchen cabinets

Cost Factors for Used Kitchen Cabinets 

Before you buy a used kitchen cabinet, there are factors that you need to consider. These factors significantly affect the cost of any used kitchen cabinet. 

1- Quality

A round kitchen with high-quality marble countertops and wooden used kitchen cabinets across the walls.

Try to get value for money. Do not compromise on the quality. Even if you are not spending a lot of bucks, you will spend on a new one. You still are spending your hard-earned money. So, Paying for used kitchen cabinets that have good quality is a good decision to make.

A few damages that a simple DIY can repair are not that much of a big deal. You can compromise on that. 

If you dig deeper with your research, you can find quite an excellent deal. You can find cabinets of quite some quality at an excellent price. 

2- Size

A medium-sized kitchen with wooden used kitchen cabinets on one side and a classic design.

The size will also determine how much you should be paying for used kitchen cabinets. The used cabinet you buy should fit the size of your kitchen. A giant cabinet will do you no good. It will be just a waste of money.

But the bigger the size of your kitchen, the more prominent the cabinet you need, and the greater the price will be. Before you look for used cabinetry, measure the size where your cabinets will go. 

Make sure your measurements are proper, only considering those used cabinets that fit your kitchen. 

3- Upgrades

The designs you are getting for your used kitchen cabinets can significantly affect the price of your used kitchen cabinets will tell you how much you will be paying foe used kitchen cabinets.

A modernistic design kitchen with granite countertops and classic kitchen cabinets adds to the theme.

An upgraded version of any cabinet will cost you much more than a straightforward, old-fashioned cabinet. 

I would say an old-fashioned kitchen cabinet can also give vintage vibes, so it is not that bad, given that it is in good condition. 

4- Rearrangement

Any rearrangements will add to the cost of your total project. Be mindful if you are in for any rearrangements for your kitchen. 

Used kitchen cabinets are something that makes your choices quite limited. So you need to keep that in mind and then go for the reorientation in your kitchen. 

From Where to Buy Used Kitchen Cabinets 

There are places where you can find used kitchen cabinets, and you can keep an eye there to strike a good deal. 

Get the best cabinets at the best price for the quality and size you are looking for. 

1- Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is a great place to find great deals. People are constantly posting, and you can get directly in contact with the seller cutting out the middleman.

This single step can save you a lot of money. You can get real-time photos and deals, making it much easier to buy a used cabinet.

2- Local Kitchen Showrooms

A large kitchen showroom with multiple kitchen utensils in the cabinets on the front wall and countertops space on the right and center.

If you are someone who believes in going out and seeing yourself to get satisfied, you can go down to your local kitchen showrooms. 

You might need to visit a couple of local showrooms before anything clicks on you, so be ready to have a little tour through the local showrooms.

What are the Challenges of Used Kitchen Cabinets?

It is not easy to find the perfect match for your kitchen. Even building a new cabinet is not hassle-free. 

New cabinets come with their issues. And buying used kitchen cabinets can pose problems. 

1- Unfit for Your Kitchen

There are two ways in which a cabinet might not fit your kitchen

  • The size might not fit, and all the work may go in vain. 
  • The way it is built doesn’t match the interior design of your kitchen 

2- Functionality

Most people sell used kitchen cabinets when they have completed their time. The hinges and handles may be coming off, or the cabinets over the structure might fall apart when you try to reinstall them.

3- Stubborn Stains

Some stains might get off, but some can be pretty difficult to get over, and you will fail to close a deal. 

Should I Buy Used Kitchen Cabinets?

My thoughts conflict over this question. It all narrows down to how much of a better bargain you are getting. 

If you are getting a good quality with functionality and more than half the price of a new one, it’s safe to say that used kitchen cabinets are safe to consider. 

However, if the used cabinets after the touch-ups and fixing are as costly as a new one, it’s not worth your money and time.