Decorating Your First Apartment: Ten Ideas to Get a Unique Urban Style

Decorating Your First Apartment: Ten Ideas to Get a Unique Urban Style?

Decorating your first apartment is the reason behind reading our article. Well, congrats you finally have the apartment you were looking for. Now is the time to start your decoration process. This can be stressful and overwhelming. For this reason, we have decided to write this article and guide you along the way.

While there are a number of styles, you have to try out the urban style. Below you will find some ideas that will help you greatly.

1- Keep it Soft & Warm When Decorating Your First Apartment

It is true that urban interior design is industrial at its core, but it does not mean that it has to be entirely industrial. To get an outstanding urban style, you have to add a softer as well as a warmer touch to help you relax. Remember to make your place comfortable, inviting, and welcoming.

2- Choose the Right Color Palette

Your color palette is vitally essential as it changes the entire look of your space. You may feel confused because of the various colors that you have to choose from. To help you out, we advise you to get that black-on-white touch that makes your house look chick and urban. You are free to choose whether to have a black floor and white walls or vice versa. Additionally, you can use this combination with your furniture and décor. Moreover, beige, orange, and brown can perfectly fit in this design.

3- Contrasting Your Materials

While it is a good idea to choose soft furniture, making every single thing soft may not give you the urban look you are looking for. Here comes the role of contrasting materials. The latter, if added as needed, will bring the urban décor and a nice touch to your place. For instance, you can add some mirrors and some photos painted with gold and bronze frames.

4- Do Not Forget the Statement Pieces

The urban interior design style is all about statement pieces that take your home to the next level. Choose your statement piece and makes it the focal point of your room. This can be a bold piece of art, a rug, or furniture. Afterward, you can design around the statement piece you chose. This will make your place look unique and outstanding.

5- Keep the Accessories to the Minimum

The urban style is, of course, different from the minimalist design. However, you have to keep your accessories to a minimum in order not to make your room highly crowded. The main urban accessory that you need to own is a plant. You have to add plants to your house as they complete the urban style.

6- Select Suitable Furniture to Decorate Your First Apartment

When decorating your new apartment in an urban style, you have to choose furniture that is comfortable, functional, and simple. All the pieces that you include in your place should have a given purpose otherwise you will create more clutter in your house.

For your urban style living room or bedroom, it is advisable to go for furniture that is made of natural materials such as leather and their tones should be calm. Moving further, if you have a small living room, try to follow an L-structure, add a table, and some comfortable chairs, armchairs, and ottomans, and do not forget to incorporate a given rug.

Try to add glass and aluminum as much as possible. For instance, you may want to include a glass tabletop and other aluminum accessories.

7- Lighting Is Essential While Decorating Your First Apartment

In the process of decorating your first apartment, you need to remember that natural lighting is extremely important in urban style. Therefore, having some large windows is a privilege.  Do not forget to decorate your windows with some curtains to add an impression of cleanliness. Additionally, you can imitate industrial light by utilizing some hidden lighting. Lamps imitating city lights are also appropriate.

8- Create a Flow between Your Rooms When Decorating Your First Apartment

The secret behind having an ultimate urban apartment is to create a sense of connection and cohesion among all of your rooms. While decorating your new apartment, you will, of course, not want your rooms to look the same. However, consistency is highly crucial to bring your rooms together.

There are a number of ways that you can follow to create this connection. Some of these are applying the same flooring to the whole house, keeping a common wall color, and using similar metals from various rooms.

9- Add Your Personal Touch

Decorating your new apartment can never be completed if you do not add your personal touch. Urban interior design is about creativity. So, be creative and express yourself. You may want to add a Moroccan rug you fell in love with or that Turkish ottoman you saw the last time you visited Turkey. Whatever item you badly want to add to your own space, do it. You just need to ensure that they complete the urban style you are looking for.

10- Mix the New with the Traditional

Urban interior design is about blending the new and the traditional, the vintage and the modern elements. When decorating your new apartment, make sure to bridge the two together to create a fantastic urban style.

Last Words

Decorating your new apartment may not be easy for you, but if you learn how to do so, you can get the look you want. Urban style has gained much popularity thanks to its beauty and functionality. If you choose this style for your place, you have to learn everything about urban style to make the process easy to tackle.