Clean up after Renovation

Clean up after Renovation: 10 Tips for a Successful Home Cleaning

Clean up after renovation is, undoubtedly, a stressful process. Although you get the outcome you have always dreamt of, you feel handcuffed and not knowing from where to start cleaning this mess.

Of course, there is a way to work all that out. The first thing you should seriously think of is writing down some tips before the actual cleaning. To help you out, we have listed 10 successful tips that you can follow. Read below to understand more:

What To Do Before the Renovation To Ease the Clean up Process

There are a number of issues that you need to consider before starting the cleaning that follows the renovation. Before the workers start their work, you need to:

  • Remove all the large furniture as well as decorative items and remove them to another place.
  • If removing your furniture is not a perfect idea for you, then consider buying drop sheets to cover your furniture.
  • Ask your building team to be tidy and clean as much as possible.

10 Tips to Clean up after Renovation

Now after finishing your kitchen renovation or other parts of your house, it is time to start cleaning. Here you have two options: the first is hiring some cleaning services while the second is to do the cleaning yourself. If you are about to choose the second option, here are some tips to follow:

1- Prepare All Your Cleaning Supplies Is the First Step to Clean up after Renovation

Before getting started, you have first to get all the cleaning supplies, tools, and equipment. There are a number of materials that you need to prepare beforehand. These include:

  • Soft-bristled broom
  • Large sponges
  • Dusters
  • Mop and bucket
  • Plastic sheeting
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Putty knife

For your own safety, you also need to consider getting the following:

  • Eye protection
  • Rubber gloves
  • Rubber-soled shoes
  • Dust masks

2- Start with the Walls to Clean up after the Renovation

You will find a layer of dust that has settled on your walls. So the first step to start your cleaning after renovation is to clean your walls. For this purpose, you need to apply a good quality product that you usually use and spray it directly on the walls. Leave the product for about 11 seconds and then wipe it off using a warm, damp cloth. Note that you may need to repeat this process more than once.

3- Do Not Forget to Vacuum Everything

If your furniture such as your upholstery and your rug looks clean, still you have to vacuum each inch of them. Your furniture may pick up dust and grime during the construction process. Therefore, you should vacuum and deep clean every piece of your furniture.

4- Move to Wipe to Clean up after Renovation

While you clean up after renovation, you have to know that there are some surfaces that cannot be cleaned by merely vacuuming. For this reason, you have to wipe them. For instance, you will need to wipe your kitchen cabinets using damp clothes.

5- Clean Your Surfaces

Now it is time to start cleaning all your surfaces. You need to focus more on the bathroom and kitchen to make sure that all your areas are as hygienic as possible.

6- The Clean up after Renovation Must Include Cleaning Your Windows & Glass

Because of renovation, you will find a great amount of dust gathered on the surface of your windows and glass. You have to choose a given spray specifically for windows and glass to entirely clean them and remove all the dust. Choose the one that is fast-acting to make the process easy for you.

7- Pay Attention to the Air Vents & Filters

During the construction, the dust may find its way to both your air vents and air filters. Therefore, you have to remember to clean them as well. You need to use a soft cloth and make sure to wipe down the whole outer parts of your vents and vacuum the inside parts.

Once you finish with your air vents, it is time to move to your air filters. If they are damaged, it is better to replace them with new ones to make sure that everything is clean.

8- Take a Look at Tricky Places

Clean-up after renovation requires paying attention to some tricky places as well. You may focus on only those large items such as your TV, furniture, and others while overlooking other small cracks. When cleaning, it is advisable to tackle places such as:

  • Lampshades
  • Home d├ęcor
  • Electronics
  • Lighting
  • Stovetops
  • Appliances

9- Deeply Clean Your Floor

Now your home starts to look as it was before the renovation process. There is one thing left: cleaning your floor. You have to give your floor a good clean. This can be achieved by choosing a given floor cleaner that you know will provide you with the outcomes you are looking for. Try to use warm water and start to mop your floor surface. This will give you quick results so you will not struggle while cleaning your floor.

10- Removing All the Trash and Debris Is the Last Tip To clean up after Renovation

Clean-up after renovation includes moving the great amount of trash that has accumulated throughout the process. If you have a small amount of trash, you can simply put it outside so as to be collected from the local waste company. On the other hand, if you have a large amount of debris, we advise you to hire a certain removal company to help you out.

Why Do You Need to Hire a Given Cleaning Company?

After reading the steps we have included here, if you find yourself that you are still confused, you have the option to hire a certain cleaning company. They have the skills needed as well as the equipment to professionally tackle the work. What is more, they will assure you that they will take care of each element of your house so as not to cause some additional mess.

Last Words

Cleaning up after renovation requires you to have clear steps and tips to follow. Here we have included 10 helpful tips to guide you along the way. Do not be confused, you can clean your home once you follow these steps. So do not hesitate and start now!